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What is Asiaticoside

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What is Herba Centellae Extract?

It is extracted from Herba Centellae, originating in India, is widely distributed in the world's tropical and subtropical areas in China are mainly distributed in the provinces south of the Yangtze River. Hongjing said: This grass is named after the cold, their sexual Big Chill, hence the name of Centella asiatica.

Gotu Kola is regarded as one of the most frequently used Chinese herbal medicines in ancient China; it had millennia applied history in China, India & Indonesia. Gotu Kola mainly contains Triterpenoid glycosides, such as asiaticoside, madecassoside etc. In addition, there are also several dissociative triterpenoid acids, such as asiatic acid, madecassic acid, etc. Gotu Kola extract has clear effect on promoting repairing skin damage. It has been widely used for external application in skin and for skin-care products with sharp effect.

Herba Centellae Extract benefits:

1. Regulating immunity and improving blood circulation.

2. Lowering cholesterinand and getting rid of excess fat.

3. Protecting skintissue. Promoting wound healing, treating skin ulcer, such as intractable trauma, skin tuberculosis and lepra.

4. Owning good therapeutic effect on venous infufficiency and varicose vein.

5. Improving sleep quality and enhancing memory ability.

6. Alleviating arthrodynia and scleriasis.

How Herba Centellae Extract works:

Gotu kola contains certain chemicals that seem to decrease inflammation and also decrease blood pressure in veins. Gotu kola also seems to increase collagen production, which is important for wound healing.

Herba Centellae Extract Dosage:

For blood circulation problems in the legs (venous insufficiency): 60-180 mg daily of gotu kola extract.


Avoid taking gotu kola by mouth if you are pregnant. There also is not enough reliable information about the safety of using gotu kola during breast-feeding. Avoid using any form of gotu kola if you are nursing.

Where to buy Herba Centellae Extract:

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Centella asiatica, a perennial herb also known as gotu kola, produces fan-shaped, green leaves that are harvested and used for medicinal purposes. Native to China, Japan, India and Indonesia, the herb has a long history of use in these areas.
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This product really helps with my hot flashes. It has reduced the panicky feeling during a hot flash and also reduced the overall severity. It also helps my husband's tinnitis. I've tested it on my husband and myself many times to make sure that i...
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This herb is definitely helping with me healing a skin issue, I took about 4 weeks to start making a difference but I've stuck with it and now at 8 weeks it's almost gone!
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It is a wonderful product. I couldn't believe my daughter got better from a bad wound on her foot. I took her to many doctors and she had surgery twice because of the rare thing, and there you go, she is better now.
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